about xoocle.com/SU


what is xoocle.com?

Because of its cool name, I am using xoocle.com as a place to experiment with various types of web scripts. Specifically mashup scripts. This SU mashup script is xoocle's first experiment.

why bother making a SU mashup?

I have been happily using stumbleupon for more than a year now to organize my bookmarks, communicate with like minded people and get quickly informed. Although I love SU's channel surfing, sometimes I need to see the latest buzz on the undiscovered (by SU) side of the internet.

The xoocle SU mashup script does just that. It picks up my interests/tags - as they have developed through a year of thumbing up in SU - and links them to the latest entries on technorati, del.icio.us and flickr.

Tags are an amazing way to deal with rising complexity and this script is useful for:

  • checking the latest buzz
  • on the exact topics of my interests
  • in a centralized way

and it also helps me make some good stumbleupon discoveries too...

what does it do?

The script accepts stumbleupon usernames and produces filtered and ordered tags linked to the latest blogs, bookmarks and photos. It displays the 64 most thumbed up tags in order of importance. When clicked, a tag brings a 3 column mashup of the latest entries relating to the tag.

how whas it made?

The idea of the SUmashup script originated in the 7th chapter of the book "hacking delicious". In that chapter Leslie M. Orchard describes how to implement technoflickrdeli, a mashup of flickr, delicious and technorati in only few pages of PHP code. The script uses four libraries: phpflickr., ducksoup, PhpDelicious, and MagpieRSS. Although I originally thought it may take few hours to change the script to read SU tags it finally took two full days to make all the needed changes - including graphics & the css stylesheet.

what's comming?

It's early days for the SUmashup script, I have many ideas to add:
- Filtering, sorting and viewing options for the tags
- Tag input options from other social networks
- Additional & selectable content channels
- User registration
- User stats - top10

If you liked xoocle SU mashup please let me know your suggestions as comments on my blog

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